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Home Page: Creative Genius Design Studio

My online design studio is dedicated to understanding the necessity of a functional website with design. Design is a key element in every businesses' brand and in marketing a businesses' product or services.

I have created this website to assist with small and medium businesses, web designs and brand ideas.

What is my Creative Genius Design Studio all about; discover more below.

1) Web Design
2) Content Management
3) Web software
4) Online Resource
5) Freelance Designer and Photographer
6) Marketing

2) Content Management
I believe that content is key to attracting the most visitors to your site. I am a copywriter and a marketer and would be able to assist with your marketing copy online.

3) Design Software
My websites are built in Dreamweaver. I edit product images and design in Adobe Photoshop. I also work with CSS and html.

4) Online Resource
My website is designed as an online resource for businesses or clients who need the services of a graphic designer.

5) Freelance Designer and Photographer
I am a product Photographer and Copywriter. I also have a good eye for creating attractive web designs and persuasive copy for online products and services.
Enquire on my contact page; about any of your graphic design questions.

6) Marketing
I am also a to marketer and have a page dedicated to online marketing.






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